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This pre-owned Buddy Bike Sport BB104-AL-30.17 (30 speed) is from our 2017 inventory. It has an aluminum frame in Steel Blue and Silver, the Buddy Bike Classic handlebar set up with front rider handlebars, and a single crown rigid fork. The condition is excellent. Includes Shimano Deore 30 speed hub and derailleur gear system. More gears that can be helpful if you are hitting some hills. Trade-in sales are as-is sales. Does not include Limited Warranty. All sales are final.


HANDLEBAR NOTE: The front rider handlebars are not in the correct position as shown in these photos. They should be straight up or outward for safety. This will be corrected before delivery of this bike.


Price includes the bike, bi-pod kickstandfold-out foot pegs, Sunlite backrest saddle and our adjustable cranksets to make pedaling easier for smaller front seat riders.


Accessories for the Buddy Bike are sold separately. Sales tax in FL, shipping and handling and bike assembly may be additional.


Options to consider for this bike:

  • This bike includes all of our accessories.


The Buddy Bike® is the alternative tandem bicycle with rear seat steering for riders with special needs providing adaptive and therapeutic cycling for riders with autism, down syndrome, sight impairment, balance issues, low muscle tone and other disabilities that would prevent them from riding a bike safely on their own.



Buddy Bike Sport 30 Speed 2017 / Trade-In

SKU: BB104-AL-30.17
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  • YOUR ORDER WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED. A Buddy Bike representative will call to confirm the order details.

    You may order a Buddy Bike through this online shop or by calling 786.489.2453. Please carefully review our Shipping Policy.

    We have a no returns, no refunds policy so please call Shelley at 786.489.BIKE (2453) if you need help deciding if the Buddy Bike is the right choice for you and your family and to help you choose the right bike model and accessories for your needs. Our Buddy Bike Model Comparison will also provide information that will help you choose the right bike model and accessories. You may also find the information at to be helpful.

    All sales are final so if possible, arrange a test ride. Call 786.489.2453 to see if there are any Buddy Bikes available for test rides near you.

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