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The Buddy Bike Story

In the early 1990s Robert “Bob” Gardner from Willits, California created what would eventually become the Buddy Bike. Bob, a bicycle enthusiast, was inspired to customize a bike to ride with his young son Isaac. Bob had the innovation of adding a seat and foot pegs in front of his seat. Isaac enjoyed riding in front but wanted his own pedals so Bob welded two bicycle frames together. He called the unique tandem bicycle the Love Bike and began production in 1996.

In 2003, Barry Nelson, the father of a child with autism, began searching for a bicycle to use with his son Jesse. Barry enjoyed outdoor activities with his other children but had difficulty finding an activity that he could share with Jesse. Barry tried many options without success until he purchased a used Love Bike. Barry enjoyed the time that he spent with Jesse on the Love Bike and wanted other families to have the same experience. In 2005, Barry purchased the patent and remaining inventory of the Love Bike with a Trust benefiting Jesse.


Barry hired his long-time law firm Marketing Coordinator, Shelley Patterson as the Director of Marketing and Business Development of Buddy Bike and they changed the name of the bicycle to the Buddy Bike. Shelley managed the company until it closed at the end of 2020.

In 2021 Shelley founded Bikes For Every Body LLC to carry on the Buddy Bike mission of using bicycles to promote inclusion. Combined the companies have over 1,200 Buddy Bikes to families, schools, camps, and organizations around the world.

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About The Owner
Shelley L. Patterson

I started out working for Buddy Bike LLC in 2005 and went on to manage the business for 16 years until the original company was closed and I founded Bikes For Every Body LLC to carry on the mission of promoting inclusion with bicycles around the world.

I have presented adaptive cycling topics for several organizations and I organized 2 adaptive cycling roundtable events with leaders in the adaptive cycling community which were the first public discussions of their kind.

I have dedicated my career to bringing quality bicycles to riders who may not be able to safely ride a bicycle on their own while also connecting families with the resources to help them obtain those bicycles. Through my hard work, I believe I have earned the trust and respect of the families in the special needs community.

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