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The Buddy Bike®
For Riders with Special Needs

What is The Buddy Bike?

The Buddy Bike is bicycle for child or adult riders with special needs. It is an adaptive bicycle and that provides adaptive outdoor recreation, therapeutic activity and educational opportunities to riders with cognitive or physical disabilities who may not be able to ride a bicycle safely on their own or who do not have the strength to pedal a bike alone. The Buddy Bike is a tandem bicycle (bicycle for two) that places the smaller rider in the front seat while the rear rider controls the steering allowing riders with autism, down syndrome, sight impairment and other disabilities to experience the thrill of riding a bicycle with the whole family.

Riders must be able to sit upright on a standard bicycle seat to ride the Buddy Bike. Riders with severe physical disabilities may not be able to ride the Buddy Bike. Fold-out foot pegs are available for smaller riders to keep their feet out of the way of moving pedals (sold separately). The Buddy Bike can support up to 380 pounds; making it the ultimate family bike that can be enjoyed by riders of a variety of ages and abilities.

Who can ride The Buddy Bike?
  • The Buddy Bike is for families with small children who want to ride in front.

  • The Buddy Bike is for riders with disabilities that prevent them from riding a bike safely on their own.

  • The Buddy Bike is a tandem bicycle for disabled riders who want to ride safely.

  • The Buddy Bike is for beginner riders who want to gain confidence and learn cycling skills.

Requirements for a Safe Ride on The Buddy Bike:
  1. The riders should be within our safety-rated limit of 380 pounds.

  2. The front rider should be able to sit upright on a standard bicycle seat or the Sunlite Backrest Saddle.

  3. The front rider should be able to keep their feet on the pedals or, for safety, the addition of an adaptive pedal is suggested.

  4. The rear rider should be as tall as or taller than the front rider.

  5. The rear rider should be able to ride a bike well enough to manage the bike and both riders.

Buddy Bike Features:

•    Stoker rides in front while Captain steers from rear seat
•    Handlebars for both riders on same stem offers the front rider a sense of control
•    Child sits in the front where adult can supervise activity
•    Lower front seat allows both riders to safely enjoy the view
•    Shorter than a typical tandem allowing for easier transport and storage
•    Seats are close allowing easy communication
•    CPSC safety-rated to support a bike weight capacity of 380 pounds; supports two adults to accommodate riders of all ages
•    No height restrictions but rear rider should be able to see over the front riders head to safely steer the bicycle

•    Pedals connected to same drive chain so riders work together and receive physical and therapeutic benefits
•    Fold-out foot pegs provide foot rest for child riders who can't reach pedals or who may tire easily (sold separately)
•    EZ Sunray bike seat with back rest will offer support (sold separately)

•    Can be ridden alone or with a partner
•    Requires less cycling skills for the stoker making the Buddy Bike an excellent tool for training beginners


The Buddy Bike as a transitional tool


The Buddy Bike allows a stoker (front rider) with little or no cycling skills to ride a bicycle. The Buddy Bike is an excellent tool for safely teaching beginner cyclists of all ages and it has helped several children transition to riding their own 2-wheel bicycles.

One father had this to say about their experience with the Buddy Bike:

"...never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that Kyle would learn to ride a two-wheeled bike. He's made us real proud and it just goes to show that children with autism can learn just like everyone else you just have to find the people that know how to teach them..."     
- Kruno - Ontario, Canada

"Riding the Buddy Bike can be empowering for riders with special needs."

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