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The Buddy Bike - Model Comparison

This model comparison will help you choose the right Buddy Bike model for your family's needs.

If you still have questions, call Shelley at 786.489.2453.


Buddy Bike Family

General Description

Buddy Bike Family is our smaller frame size that is suitable for Captain/adult riders approximately 5'4" to 5'8" and is designed for novice/casual riders. The features may vary but all Family models have internal hubs for pedal-free shifting and easy bike maintenance.

Some Buddy Bike Adventure and Family 3 Speed models do not include our Classic handlebars. 

We now offer a Buddy Bike Classic Stoker Set Kit.


Who will like this bike?

Novice and casual riders.

Who can ride this bike (rider height)?*

Adult riders/Captains under 5'5" will find Buddy Bike Family to be most comfortable due to the lower rear rider seat and lower top tubes for easier bike mounting. The Buddy Bike may not be suitable for Captains under 5'4". Trial rides are suggested if possible.

Where can I ride this bike?

Buddy Bike Family models vary from 1 to 8 internal gears making thi smodel best for flat or minimally hilly areas. Tires are wide enough for stability and have some tread for gripping on a variety of surfaces but not too much tread for less rolling resistance.


Buddy Bike Sport

General Description

Cycling enthusiasts, avid cyclists and adult riders over 5’8" prefer Buddy Bike Sport models. The model features vary and include either external gear systems from 24-30 speeds providing a wide range of gear options, or a NuVinci Nfinity N380 CVP drivetrain (now called Enviolo) CVP drivetrain for smooth and  seamless pedal-free shifting that is easy on the knees and as simple as tuning a radio dial. There are no skipped gears or fear of losing a chain on this maintenance-free hub allowing parents to focus on enjoying the ride with their child. All models include aluminum frames, more rear rider leg room than Buddy Bike Family, disc brakes plus a stoker standard caliper brake for more braking power, and thin hybrid tires for a smooth ride with less rolling resistance.

Who will like this bike?

Avid cyclists may enjoy the externally geared models while novice and casual riders may enjoy the simplicity of the NuVinci /Enviolo seamless shifting hubs on the Deluxe models.

Who can ride this bike (rider height)?*

Riders over 5'8" may find Buddy Bike Sport models to be most comfortable as they have more rear rider leg room than our Family models.

Where can I ride this bike?

Sport models with external gear systems have a wider range of gears (24-30 speeds) to make this model a good choice for riding in hilly areas. Models including the NuVinci/Enviolo drivetrain have an infinite range of gear settings but may be comparable to a 9 speed system. Sport models include thinner, slicker tires with puncture resistant tubes are best on paved surfaces but can handle some other surfaces.

*As true bike measurements should include the rider's inseam and arm length, the measurements provided above may vary. Please review all specs in order to determine the best bike model for you or call 786.489.2453 for more information.

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