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Buddy Bike News & Videos

An introduction to The Buddy Bike with How To Ride instruction by Shelley. All Buddy Bike customers, and those considering a Buddy Bike purchase, should watch this video!

PODCAST: Spectrum Stories: Adaptive Cycling for Autism and Special Needs with Shelley L. Patterson on Spectrum Stories with Aarav Sharma

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Echo Fine Properties in Jupiter, Florida Small Business Spotlight with: Bikes For Every Body - Home of The Buddy Bike and

Shelley Patterson virtually sat down with Stacey Levine-Lavely of Connections to discuss The Buddy Bike, what it is, how it all started, and where it is heading. Connections is produced by Shrewsbury Media Connections, an organization dedicated to building community, empowering individuals and ensuring First Amendment expression through the utilization of communications technologies.

Shelley Patterson interview with Anita Finley of Boomer Times.

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