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10 Reasons
Why You
Should Buy
The Buddy Bike®

Bike riding as a family can be a challenge for families with children who have special needs such as autism, down syndrome, sight impairment, and disabilities that would prevent them from riding a bike safely on their own. Many of our customers tell us they used to cycle regularly, but once their child with special needs outgrew the baby seats, tag-alongs, and other small child rider options, they were at a loss. They often had to leave that child at home while others enjoyed their bike rides, family time, and adventures.


With The Buddy Bike, the rider with special needs can be included on family rides, and they can even lead the ride! If this isn’t reason enough to know that The Buddy Bike can be life-changing, not just for your child with special needs, but for your entire family, here are 10 more reasons why you should buy The Buddy Bike today!

#1 Promotes Inclusion

The Buddy Bike provides a cycling solution for riders who may not otherwise enjoy the freedom and mobility that a bicycle offers. For riders with disabilities from small children to adults, the ride is interactive and inclusive, allowing them to be part of their community and family bike rides.

#2 Builds Confidence

The Buddy Bike helps build confidence in riders with special needs, providing them with a sense of accomplishment and independence. Rather than being towed behind in a trailer, they ride in front, feeling in control and closer to the adult rider for security. It also builds confidence for beginner riders of all ages, and riders who have a fear of falling.

#3 Strenthens Bonds

Sharing a bike ride with The Buddy Bike strengthens the bond between family members or friends, making it a perfect activity for quality time together. Cycling together, rather than exercising alone, encourages participation in therapeutic activities.

#4 Makes Exercising Fun

Cycling with The Buddy Bike offers excellent physical exercise for both riders, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, and combating obesity.

#5 Therapeutic Benefits

Riding The Buddy Bike may strengthen core muscles for stability, improve balance, exercise reciprocal leg movements, enhance motor planning and gross motor skills, provide visual and tactile stimulation, may improve full-body sensory awareness, and may help to improve attention and focus on cognitive tasks through proprioceptive input. (Riders must have a 25" minimum inseam to actively pedal.)

#6 Long-Term Investment

Constructed with high-quality and durable materials, The Buddy Bike is built to last, ensuring you get the most out of your investment for years to come. The Buddy Bike is safety-rated for up to 380 pounds, allowing two adults to ride so child riders can start riding when they are small (with our optional fold-out foot pegs), and can continue to ride as they grow.

#7 Join a Community

When you buy The Buddy Bike, you join a community of Buddy Bike families who share tips, stories, and experiences in our dedicated Facebook group, enhancing your overall Buddy Bike experience.

#8 Help Us Provide The Buddy Bike For More Families

Each purchase of The Buddy Bike helps us fund more trade-in models to refurbish and resell, or allows us to build new Buddy Bikes, and sometimes allows us to donate bikes. This ensures that this unique bicycle remains available for more families of children with special needs and the schools, camps, and organizations that serve them. Each sale also helps us to raise the funds to take The Buddy Bike to events where we love to let families enjoy them!

#9 Get Them While They Are In Stock

We're working hard to build new Buddy Bike models for families who want and need them, but future production is uncertain, and our trade-in models come and go quickly. Don't delay, secure your Buddy Bike now!

#10 Gain Good Karma By Funding a Buddy Bike For A Family

If The Buddy Bike isn’t for you, but you know of a child whose life could be changed with a Buddy Bike, contact or 786.489.2453. We can discuss how to make a dream come true for a family while supporting The Buddy Bike, so we can make even more dreams come true!

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