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Bike Rack Information

How to Transport The Buddy Bike

The Buddy Bike is an alternative "tandem bicycle" with a 57.1" to 58.1" wheelbase (you may need this measurement when shopping for bike racks). Although The Buddy Bike is shorter than a typical tandem, it is longer than a standard bicycle and some bike racks specify that they are not for use with tandem bicycles. For safety, read your bike rack Owner's Manual before mounting the Buddy Bike on any rack.

The weight of the Buddy Bike varies from 40-64 pounds (without accessories). This weight is well under that required by most bike racks but due to the size and dimensions of the Buddy Bike, not all bike racks could be safely used. We do not suggest any strap rack for carrying Buddy Bikes. Pick up trucks, SUVs and vans are by far the best and safest option for transporting The Buddy Bike.

If you don't have any of these options, a hitch rack is your next option. Some vehicles come with a hitch installed. If not, take your car to your auto dealer or to U-Haul to install a hitch. They will select the hitch that is appropriate for your car make and model. The dealer may also install a bike rack but your local bike shop can probably provide a rack at a lower cost. Extra security by anti-sway cradles or straps is highly suggested due to the additional drag created by the large handlebars of The Buddy Bike.

The front wheel of all Buddy Bike models has a quick release for easy removal.

HR1450E -1.jpg

Bike Rack by Hollywood Racks

Sport Rider Hitch

The ONLY bike rack TESTED and APPROVED for the Buddy Bike is the Sport Rider Hitch Rack by Hollywood Racks! It provides the easiest and safest way to travel with your Buddy Bike.

Bikes For Every Body does not endorse nor guarantee the safety of the products mentioned below for use with the Buddy Bike. Please check manufacturers safety requirements.

What Our Customers Use

More information and ideas provided by our customers

I ordered the most "stable" hitch rack I could find that will accommodate the Buddy Bike and essentially support the weight. The make/model is Hollywood Racks HR1400. It's a "platform" style rack. It can support up to four bikes (200 lbs) but I'll only be using it for now in the two bike configuration (100 lbs). It supports a wheelbase up to 60" and weight of 50 lbs per bike but I think the Buddy Bike at 53 lbs should be fine since that will be the only bike on the rack. It's an expensive heavy duty unit but worth it to protect my Buddy Bike and should alleviate any safety issues.

We use the Yakima Sidewinder, which is their tandem carrier. As expected, it's actually designed for a longer wheelbase, but it just barely works. It would work better if I took one part over to a machine ship to have them move something around. And their fork mount skewer thing nicely swings out over the edge of the car so you can get it locked in before having to push the bike up. It works quite well. I looked at the Thule 558P, but the single axis pivot didn't look nearly as useful as what Yakima has done.

Performance Xport Flatbed 4-bike Hitch Rack Item #40-3560M. The wheelbase on the Buddy Bike is just a few inches too long to fit both wheels perfectly in the wheel slots, but it works quite well anyway. You can strap in both wheels and then I add a bungee cord for extra security.


I have a Thule 590R V2 Recumbent bike carrier that I mounted to the top of my Toyota Sienna Mini Van. We traveled over 3,000 miles with it on top of the van this summer while on vacation and it was great. I am able to put the bike on by myself but 2 adult males are recommended to safely put the bike on the vehicle and to remove it.


I own two 4 bike racks. A Yakima and a Thule. The Thule is more friendly towards recumbents and short tandems.

Per Thule North America: "The only carrier we recommend for tandem bikes is our 558P Tandem Bike Carrier for the roof."

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