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The Buddy Bike® Rear Steering Tandem Bicycle for Kids & Adults with Special Needs
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The Buddy Bike®

What is The Buddy Bike®? The Buddy Bike is an alternative tandem bicycle with rear seat steering. It is a bicycle for riders with special needs providing adaptive and therapeutic cycling for riders with autism, down syndrome, sight impairment, balance issues, low muscle tone and other disabilities that would prevent them from riding a bike safely on their own. The Buddy Bike is an excellent tool for teaching beginner riders of various ages and abilities.

Need help choosing the right Buddy Bike model and accessories for you and your family? Or need a quote for a funding request? Call Shelley at

Adaptive Bike for Children & Adults

adaptive bicycle for therapeutic recreation

Dad and child riding The Buddy Bike
Bikes For Every Body is an adaptive cycling resource and the manufacturer and distributor of The Buddy Bike®.
The Buddy Bike Ocean View

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Buddy Bike Sport USA | The First Buddy Bike Made in USA

The First Buddy Bike Made in USA

Bikes For Every Body - Home of The Buddy Bike
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Buddy Bike Ride Like the Wind
“Riding The Buddy Bike can be empowering for a child/adult with special needs.”

From an independent evaluation by National Lekotek Center

Featured Trade-In

Buddy Bike Sport 27 Speed (2014)

If you are looking for a reduced rate Buddy Bike, this pre-owned Buddy Bike Sport BB104-AL-27.14 from our 2014 inventory is in excellent condition! It includes our larger frame size, which is comfortable for taller adult riders, and has an aluminum frame in Chrome Red & Silver. A Shimano Deore 27 speed hub and derailleur gear system provide more gears that can be helpful if you are hitting some hills. This bike has been refurbished and includes some new parts. It is located in Jupiter, Florida. Ships within continental U.S.


Used Buddy Bike Sport For Sale

David O.

"Best decision I have ever made purchasing this bike!...All I wanted to see my entire life is to see my son enjoy/embrace the things like riding a bike that make for great memories as a child. Now has this opportunity thanks to you all!!"

National Lekotek Center

"Riding the Buddy Bike can be empowering for a child/adult with special needs."

Kruno. O.

"I just want you to know that the bike is the real deal. My 9 year old autistic son loves it. It's a solid, well built bike and if your son likes to ride a bike, this will be perfect. By the way, I don't get anything back from praising the bike, my reward is a happy child."
"Love at first ride! Thank you!"

Sandy, CA

The Buddy Bike® for Disabilities - Autism, Down Syndrome, Sight Impairment
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