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Sunlite Pro-II Double kickstand provides stable bike parking. Black alloy double kickstand includes top plate. Adjustable length for bikes from 24" to 700c. Fits all Buddy Bike models. No manual included.

Silver Pletscher Dual Leg Center Kickstand is a durable moped-style kickstand that will support your Buddy Bike with ease. It features a center support and a folding mechanism that makes it easy to use. It also has aluminum casting that makes it durable enough to stand up to the elements over time. No manual included.

Buddy Bike kickstands and accessories sold separately.

Double Kickstand | Dual Leg Kickstand

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  • When this item is purchased with a Buddy Bike shipping is included. When purchased separately, shipping is additional.

    We ship worldwide! For shipping outside of the continental U.S. contact

  • DO NOT MOUNT THE BUDDY BIKE WITH THE KICKSTAND ENGAGED. The kickstand is intended to support the weight of the bike only, not riders.

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