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This Buddy Bike Sport Deluxe is assembled in the USA. This Limited Edition model is built on a pre-owned frame using all new components. Limited Warranty will apply.


The Buddy Bike, the rear steering tandem bicycle, provides therapeutic activity for kids and adults with autism, down syndrome, sight impairment or other disabilities that would prevent them from safely riding a bike on their own.



CONTACT or 786.489.2453


FREE MERCHANDISE with Buddy Bike Family Deluxe purchase. Subject to availability.


Buddy Bike Sport is our larger frame size that is suitable for Captain/adult riders over 5'7" and is suitable for novice/casual riders and avid cyclists. It includes an aluminum frame, the Classic Buddy Bike dual handlebar set up on the same stem, a lower front seat that allows both riders to fully enjoy the view, and hybrid tires to provide smooth riding on both paved and off-road trails. This bike model includes an option for a single crown or suspension fork (while supplies last) and disc brakes for the Captain plus a rear wheel V brake for the stoker (front rider) for more braking power.


This Limited Edition model includes the Enviolo Trekking hub for seamless shifting, custom built wheels by QBP in USA, our new Made in USA stem for maximum tightening of our custom handlebar set up, Buddy Bike Classic stoker stem set, and disc brakes plus one caliper brake for the stoker to provide braking power for safety.


ENVIOLO HUB: Both cycling enthusiasts and novices will appreciate the simple functionality of the manual Enviolo Trekking CVP Drivetrain which provides seamless shifting and allows parents to focus on simply enjoying the ride with their child on the Buddy Bike. The Enviolo drivetrain allows riders to change the gear ratio between the pedals and rear wheel in one continuous motion. Just twist the controller slightly on the handlebar and the gear ratio is changed to any ratio within its range. This can be done while freewheeling, pedaling under load, or waiting at a stoplight. Enviolo hubs are self-contained systems which are practically maintenance-free. There are no skipped gears or concerns of a chain coming off the chain ring between gears. Smooth shifting and gear changes eliminate jolts to knees, hips and backs. Riders will tire less, ride longer, and feel better.


For more information about the Enviolo Trekking CVP Drivetrain visit




  • Buddy Bike Sport size aluminum frame with Buddy Bike Sport Deluxe components
  • Frame color: Classic Blue and silver
  • Buddy Bike Classic dual handlebar set up on the same stem, with large handlebars for the rear to control the bike, and small handlebars for the front rider to have a sense of participation and independence
  • Manual Enviolo Trekking CVP Drivetrain which provides seamless shifting that both novice and experienced riders may enjoy
  • Buddy Bike original cranksets
  • American custom built wheels by Quality Bicycle Products
  • Problem Solvers Bushnell Eccentric Classic Bottom Bracket
  • Fork TBD
  • Tektro Aries MD-M300 Disc Brakes, front & rear
  • Tektro 855AL Linear Pull Brake rear
  • Ergon GA2 Grips - Black, Lock-On for both riders
  • Planet Bike A.R.S. Lift Saddles
  • Owners Manual - coming soon
  • Kickstand not included

Bike specs, pricing and delivery information is subject to change.

Kickstand and optional accessories, shipping and handling, and bike assembly are additional. Sales tax applies within Florida.



CONTACT or 786.489.2453



Family size frame included in photos.

Buddy Bike Sport Deluxe Limited Edition 2023

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  • YOUR ORDER WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED. A Buddy Bike representative will call to confirm the order details.

    You may order a Buddy Bike through this online shop or by calling 786.489.2453. Please carefully review our Shipping Policy.

    We have a no returns, no refunds policy so please call Shelley at 786.489.BIKE (2453) if you need help deciding if the Buddy Bike is the right choice for you and your family and to help you choose the right bike model and accessories for your needs. Our Buddy Bike Model Comparison will also provide information that will help you choose the right bike model and accessories. You may also find the information at to be helpful.

    All sales are final so if possible, arrange a test ride. Call 786.489.2453 to see if there are any Buddy Bikes available for test rides near you.

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