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Plastic Adaptive Pedals by Avenue Trikes, 1 pair, 9/16" for the Buddy Bike.


For safety, if the front seat rider of the Buddy Bike has trouble maintaining their feet on the pedals, we recommend adding adaptive pedals or exerciser pedals. These Plastic Adaptive Pedals by Avenue Trikes offer more security for riders who tend to wiggle a lot or who need extra help due to physical issues. For riders who just need a little extra help holding their feet on the pedals the Sunlite Flat Form Exerciser Pedals are a better choice.


These Plastic Adaptive Pedals have a 9/16" thread and are distributed by Avenue Trikes. The pedals are adjustable for a variety of foot sizes. These pedals will help Buddy Bike riders who need a little extra help keeping their feet on the pedals and also fit recumbent trikes and can provide support for those who have difficulty maintaining their feet on pedals in a vertical position.


Purchase includes 1 set (right and left) pedals.


Some pros and cons of using these pedals on a Buddy Bike as provided by a family who is using them:

• Two straps to help riders with motor challenges to maintain their feet on the pedals
• Easy to install
• They make riding together possible!

• Without a front rider's feet strapped in to stabilize the pedals, they rotate and may scrape the ground.
• It may take two people to help the front rider safely mount the bike and to strap their feet into the pedals.


How to Remove Weights from Adaptive Pedals

Plastic Adaptive Pedals

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