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Buddy Bike Classic Stoker Handlebar Kit is an add on for Buddy Bike economy models that do not include our "Classic" handlebar set up with stoker (front rider) handlebars, or if you wish to update or repair your current Buddy Bike handlebars. This kit is specifically designed for the Buddy Bike and will fit all of our models. It provides front rider handlebars so the front rider can feel in control and learn cycling skills. 


Kit includes: Buddy Bike original 3 piece stoker stem, Origin 8 Stash II mountain bike handlebar, replacement handlebar foam, rubber grips. Specs may vary and may not be identical to the sample in the photo. A front rider brake is not included. Your local bike shop may be able to add a rear wheel rim brake if desired.

Buddy Bike Classic Stoker Handlebar Kit Add On

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  • This item ships worldwide. Shipping is additional. Please allow up to 14 days for continental U.S. delivery.

    For shipping outside of the continental U.S. contact

  • Installation by local bike shop is suggested. Installation fees are additional and payable to your local bike shop. Support is not provided for customer installation.

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