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Buddy Bike, LLC manufactures and distributes The Buddy Bike® an alternative tandem bicycle that provides safe family fun and therapeutic activity for cyclists with special needs. Bike for autism, down syndrome, sight impairment and other disabilities.

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Bright Feats Show 031
Special Needs, Special Bike...The Buddy Bike!
Shelley Patterson interviewed by Allie & Rorie

Discussing Living w/Autism
show by Mad As A Hatter
on BlogTalkRadio.
Guests - Dr. Robert Melillo, author of "Disconnected Kids: The Groundbreaking Brain Balance Program for Children with Autism..." and Shelley Patterson talking about the Buddy Bike.


A Note from
Generation Rescue

via Facebook (4/14/11)
Jenny McCarthy's Autism Organization says:

The buddy bike is an amazing thing for children on the spectrum. What we found from the families that tried it was that it was really good for sensory integration and motor skills as well as building up the weaker muscle groups and working on balance. We found the kids were showing more self confidence because they were accomplishing a task they may not otherwise be able to do, and the bike was great at not only allowing them to accomplish these tasks but reinforced the behavior because they could continue to do well. Also, it is wonderful for the kids because they get to interact with their parents and from the parents perspective they get the simple joy of riding bikes with their children. We love the buddy bike!

A Note from
Miami Lighthouse
for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Tatiana Palma
Associate Director of Rehabilitation

I just wanted to thank you for all the hands-on assistance you provided for our Transition group on Saturday at Women’s Park. The teens had such great fun riding the tandems. I could tell some would have definitely wanted more time to ride. Your help was invaluable toward their personal enjoyment of this activity. Many never have the opportunity to benefit from this fun and recreational sport.

I would love to coordinate other events for them in the future. Buddy Bike seems to be a wonderful program to help the disabled. Thanks for what you do!

From a Physical Therapists Point of View
Will Perez, Physical Education Director
The Victory Center, Miami, FL

"Aside from the physical benefits they receive...it has given them a sense of belonging and has driven them to "want to attend physical education and "ride with coach." The look on their faces is one that I cannot describe."    READ WILL'S STORY

Special Needs

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Click to view the Buddy Bike product listing at www.ableplay.org.

The Buddy Bike has been officially tested, rated and recognized as a product that is friendly for children of all abilities by AblePlay. Visit our product listing at AblePlay to review a report by the National Lekotek Center about the Buddy Bike and its applications and benefits for special needs children.

Parents may find this information to be useful in their search for funding.



The Buddy Bike is a tandem bicycle (bicycle for two) that places the smaller rider in the front seat while the rear rider controls the steering. Its features make the Buddy Bike especially beneficial for children with special needs. The Buddy Bike offers adaptive outdoor recreation, therapeutic activity and educational opportunities to those who may not otherwise be able to experience the thrill of riding a bicycle.

The Buddy Bike can be empowering for riders with special needs. Riding the same bike as the parent, caregiver or teacher lessens the skills and the number of steps necessary to successfully ride a bike.  The front rider has their own handlebars to feel like they are steering without actually having control of the bike and they can contribute to pedaling and propelling the bicycle forward. The rider seated in the front has an unobstructed view for maximum visual stimulation and tactile stimulation in the form of wind on his/her face. The seats are close enough for easy communication between the riders making it easier to keep the person with a disability on task without lagging behind, turning a different way or stopping on their own. Many of our customers state that their children are more alert and responsive after riding their Buddy Bike and that they feel that they fit in by being able to do what other kids do. A rider with a autism, down syndrome, sight impairment or other disabilities is able to keep up with family and friends when riding in a group so they are no longer left behind.

Riders must be able to sit upright on a standard bicycle seat to ride the Buddy Bike. Riders with severe physical disabilities may not be able to ride the Buddy Bike. Fold-out foot pegs are available for smaller riders to keep their feet out of the way of moving pedals (sold separately). The Buddy Bike can support up to 380 pounds; making it the ultimate family bike that can be enjoyed by riders of all ages and abilities.

Children with Autism, Down Syndrome, Aspergers, Fragile X, blind / sight impaired, hearing impaired and children with cognitive disabilities. Recent studies are showing that riding a bicycle can reduce tremors in patients with Parkinson's Disease.

The Buddy Bike as a transitional tool
The Buddy Bike allows a stoker (front rider) with little or no cycling skills to ride a bicycle. The Buddy Bike is an excellent tool for safely teaching beginner cyclists of all ages and it has helped several children transition to riding their own 2-wheel bicycles.

One father had this to say about their experience with the Buddy Bike:

"...never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that Kyle would learn to ride a two-wheeled bike. He's made us real proud and it just goes to show that children with autism can learn just like everyone else you just have to find the people that know how to teach them..."     

Kruno - Ontario, Canada

Visit our Funding Options page to find
Medical Provider or funding source near you.

Need help deciding which special needs bicycle is right for you?
Read the Special Needs Cycling Guide published by VeloVision Magazine - UK

How Cycling Helps Children with Autism
by Siegfried Mortkowitz, 4/11/19


A Letter from Miami Children's Hospital Dan Marino Center

Dear Shelley,

Thank you so much for letting us borrow a Buddy Bike and Helmets for Camp DMC! The children absolutely loved riding them. We were able to use the bikes as motivators for completing work - the children were able to earn bike rides if they followed the rules and completed assignments. In addition, some of the children seek sensory input that riding the bike was able to provide, and bike rides at regular intervals helped keep instances of inappropriate sensory seeking behaviors down.

Another very cool fact - we actually allowed STEPS Interns to ride the bikes with the children as part of their responsibilities and bonding experiences with the children. STEPS Interns are high school students with disabilities who were working with us as their summer job site because they want to be camp counselors or work with children when they enter the workforce.

Attached are a couple of pictures of our kiddos having fun that I thought you would enjoy.

Thanks again!!!

Stacy A. Layer, MA, BCBA
Behavior Analysis Manager
Miami Children's Hospital
Dan Marino Center



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