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Buddy Bike, LLC manufactures and distributes The Buddy Bike® an alternative tandem bicycle that provides safe family fun and therapeutic activity for cyclists with special needs. Bike for autism, down syndrome, sight impairment and other disabilities.

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Press Room

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60 Bikes to Save Buddy Bike - The Makers of the Buddy Bike Alternative Tandem Bicycle Announce a Plan to Continue Manufacturing 10/17/18

Buddy Bike Raising Funds to Donate A Buddy Bike to East Side Riders Bike Club in L.A. 8/2/18

Buddy Bike Going Out of Business - Makers of the Buddy Bike Alternative Tandem Bicycle Will Sell Out Inventory and Stop Manufacturing 5/17/18

Donors Replace Buddy Bike Stolen from Miami-Dade Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces, Disability Services - Buddy Bike Donation by The Ricky King Children's Fund and The Family of Christian Johnson 2/19/18

Buddy Bike Participates in the 7th Annual Great Bike Giveaway A Fundraising Event That Provides Adaptive Bicycles to Riders with Special Needs 2/12/18

30 Special Needs Kids Need Your Help to Receive The Buddy Bike in Great Bike Giveaway 3/3/17

Buddy Bike Supports Friendship Circle's Effort to Provide 600 Special Needs Kids with Adaptive Bicycles in The Great Bike Giveaway 3/8/16

Buddy Bike Celebrates 10 Years of Bringing Cycling to Special Needs Children 8/12/15

Buddy Bike Partners with The Friendship Circle to Give Away Bikes to Special Needs Children - The Great Bike Giveaway 2015 - February 10 - March 4, 2015

Buddy Bike Supports Adaptive Cycling Through Bicycle Donations and Events

Buddy Bike Presents 2013 Models at Interbike:
Buddy Bike Sport Deluxe and Buddy Bike Adventure  VIEW | PDF

Buddy Bike® and Nana’s Wish Join the St. Louis Community to Give a Special Gift at Christmas 12/29/11   VIEW | PDF | STLTODAY.COM

Adaptive Cycling Roundtable Gathers Alternative Bicycling Leaders at Recumbent Cycle-Con 2011 | VIEW | PDF

NuVinci® N360TM CVP Transmission Featured on The Buddy Bike - The Alternative Tandem Bicycle  06/20/11

Buddy Bike Offers Choices to Encourage Family Cycling 9/24/08

History, Nature and Family Fun with Buddy Bike 6/4/08 | VIEW | PDF

New Models to Encourage More Cycling 3/6/08 | VIEW | PDF

2008 Buddy Bike Models Presented at Interbike 9/25/07 | VIEW | PDF

Buddy Bike Supports Cycling Events in Ohio 7/23/07 | VIEW | PDF

Buddy Bike Holds Group Ride in Shark Valley 4/25/07 | VIEW | PDF




VoyageLA.com, 2/20/18
Meet Shelley Patterson of Buddy Bike in Chino
Online interview

VoyageMIA.com, 10/19/17
Meet Shelley Patterson of Buddy Bike in North Miami Beach
Online interview

RoadBikeReview.com, 9/15/11
YouTube Video: Interbike 2011: Buddy Bike

Versus.com, 10/15/10
Video: Interbike 2010: Buddy Bike

Bright Feats Show 031, 10/5/09
Special Needs, Special Bike...The Buddy Bike!
Shelley Patterson interviewed by Allie & Rorie

Physical Issues Radio, 1/6/09
Buddy Bike with Shelley

Discussing Living w/Autism
show by Mad As A Hatter on BlogTalkRadio.
Guests - Dr. Robert Melillo, author of "Disconnected Kids: The Groundbreaking Brain Balance Program for Children with Autism..." and Shelley Patterson talking about the Buddy Bike.

Teen Press, 2007
Video Interview at Interbike




The MetroWest Daily News, 4/30/15
Ashland girl gets tandem bike from Holliston church

The Creighton News, 6/15/14
Buddy Bike Sets Local Autistic Boy ‘Free’

HomeTownLife.com 5/2/14
Firefighters buy bike for Canton boy

Friendship Circle Blog 5/7/13
7 Adaptive Bike Companies You Should know About

SheKnows.com 4/12/13
Special Products Fulfill Special Needs

thetimeherald.com 12/28/12
Maggie finally gets her bike

The West Australian 11/26/12
Sophie has 'buddy' for record ride

Kinetic Shift 9/30/12
Sunday Q&A: Shelley Patterson Buddy Bike

Kinetic Shift 9/20/12
Buddy Bike Buddies Up

Missoulian  6/8/12
Hellgate High students ride across U.S. for Missoula boy with disease

Basin Republican Rustler 4/19/12
Wish Comes True for Basin Family by Karla Pomeroy

The Friendship Circle Blog 2/21/12
20 Bikes, Trikes and Tandems for Children with Special Needs

ChicagoParent.com 7/20/11
Ideas for a day in the sun for kids with special needs by Dierdre Pate Omahen

BikeRumor.com 6/21/11
Limited Edition NuVinci Equipped Buddy Bike Family by Zach Overholt

Recumbent Journal 6/6/11
Adaptive Cycling at Recumbent Cycle-Con

InlandEmpire.us 6/3/11
Adaptive Cycling Scheduled For Recumbent Cycle-Con

ShoestringVenture.com 2/1/11
Buddy Bike: Love Inspires Two Fathers to Build an Innovative Tandem Bicycle by Shelley L. Patterson

LiveStrong.com and Lance Armstrong Foundation 1/8/11
The Best Bikes for Special Needs Kids by Susan Landis-Steward

Everyone Outdoors 11/16/10
The BuddyBike - An Alternative Tandem Bicycle by Marcy Marchello

Bicycling.about.com 11/9/10
Buddy Bike: Unique Tandem Offers New Possibilities by David Fiedler

Mip (Blog from Finland) 11/1/10
Bike of the Week 44/2010 - The Authentic Supermen

BikeRumor.com 9/7/09
Buddy Bike Tandem Puts Kids Up Front by Tyler Benedict

The Wall Street Journal 10/9/08
An Estate Plan Built for Special Needs
Also at Media dis&dat

Atgeist.com 7/7/08
Lawrence Family Becomes First in Indiana to Own Buddy Bike for Special Needs Child

Audacity Magazine
Buddy Bike by Jake Nelson




Cyclorama 2012

BC Magazine (Italy) April 2012
Tandem d'amore by Antonio Ferrara

Ride On (Australia) April-May 2012
Buddy Bike, Interview with Andrew Creer

Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine #23 2006
The Buddy Bike: A Quality-Time Joyride for You and the Kid by Roy Wallack

LA Times Review 5/1/06
Two for the Road Doubles The Fun by Roy Wallack

The Autism Perspective 2006
The Buddy Bike by Samantha Nelson


Roy M. Wallack
writes about the Buddy Bike
in Recumbent & Tandem
Rider Magazine


That's My Hope is a book designed to discuss disability, trauma & illness w/children. Click to buy at Amazon.

That's My Hope is a book designed to discuss disability, trauma & illness w/children. Cover art was inspired by the Buddy Bike! Available at Amazon.com.

Buddy Bike wins Miami Herald contest. Click to read the article.

Buddy Bike took third place in the
Miami Herald's The Business Plan
Challenge contest and was featured in an article on June 6, 2005.

Success Can Be
Measured in Emotions


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